rollercoasterIn the Holidays and Play-Scheme, SF likes to arrange trips and days out that are educational and stimulating for the child. Therefore booking places some times come at a cost. SF endeavour to minimise the costs by dividing the cost of travel and admission in to the venue, by the number of children wanting to participate in the outing.

Therefore, we will request that parent and carers return Booking Slips along with a £10 deposit. On payment your deposit will be included in the costs.

Please be warned, if you request a place for your child/ren and your child/ren do not attend the venue, you will still be charged, as staff: child ratio will have been established in advance and the staff will still need paying for their time. Thank you.

When trips have been arranged every bus and play leader will have with them:
A mobile phone
A First Aid Box
A list of contact details
A register
A risk assessment sheet which is normally completd prior to the trip!

There will always be the correct staff to child ratio. Staff will always take the register and do a head-count of the children.