Security & Parking


The children are routinely taught not to open the door that gives entrance or exit off the premises, not even to their parents, so please do not encourage your child or any of the children to open the door for you.

All children are issued a High Visibility Jacket, which they must wear when they are being walked to and from Sticky Fingers. All children will wear their jackets for outings, not only for security reasons, but it is part of the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulation 1992, also known as the PPEW. So please stress the importance of these jackets to your child/children.

SF will provide each child with a High Visibility Jacket, however, if your child misplaces or looses the jacket, the onus will be on the parent to replace it.

All Sticky Fingers owned jackets are individual numbered and marked.


Parking near St Georges Hall is limited however, you are allowed to park beside the hall if spaces are available but please be considerate of others and do not obstruct other vehicles and entrance to the premises. It is a one way into the Church grounds so please do not try and reverse out and follow the path around the Church to exit safely.

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