Welcome Parents, Carers and Children..

You can make payments using Pingit Just download the free App at www.barclays.co.uk/pingit (you do not need to hold a Barclays account to use this App).

Please note: is introducing charges which will be applied to you, if you decide to pay us via PayPal. We therfore advice you to always pay via a free bank transfer, here are our details for that. We will notify you once these new charge take effect.

Make holiday/half term reservations here on our site or simply calculate your holiday costs, check out the club pages for more..

Sticky Fingers is open from 8am Monday to Friday; breakfast is served between 8am and no later than 9.30am, should your child be arriving after this time please ensure that you had breakfast the most important meal of the day!




On Tue and Thu nights we have over 9 club where the children can have meetings and change things in the setting, learn something different like a new skill, like language, chairleading, ballroom dancing, self defense or first aid or simple cooking lessons.

All interest will come from the children idea we have out side professional attend a session teaching how to make a 2 course meal, that they can present to there parents.

  • Membership Fees
    For new parents booking with us for the first time there is a one off £20 membership fee which includes a yellow Hi-Visibility jacket

At the minute we have managed to keep it free of charge but children are wanting to expand and adventure a little more by going off site and watching a movie to going to recording studios to make there own records.



Please note that on days when your children is attending a trip or event offsite that they arrive promptly at 9.00am. We will be leaving S/F at 10.00am every day. For more info download our latest newsletter.