Our facilities

Activity Rooms

The SF’s club offers three big halls, which are supervised by two members of staff. The children use them for their activities and recreation. This can vary from reading, to participating in team sports such as football or volleyball.

The Quiet Room
This room is divided into three sections:

The Television & Video (area 1)
If the children have returned their Consent Forms: they can watch a video of their choice. (See appendices 1)

The Relaxation (area 2)
Has two comfortable sofas pillows, which allows the children to relax, by either reading a book or magazine, or sitting and talking to friends.

Arts & Craft (area 3)
artsThe arts and craft section is where a member of staff prepares planned activities for the children.
With the aide of equipment such as the material bin, this contains an array of colourful textiles; with which the children can design and create many things; from mask making, to murals.

Such activities allow the children to construct an assortment of themes therefore, permitting creativity through their hands, and it helps in the development of imagination, through play. Some of the equipment such as the paints stands and the home & shop apparatus are always readily available for the children to play with.

The Sports Hall
footballThis room is where fast momentum games and sports that require a ball takes place, for example, football, volleyball, parachute, rounders, five-a-side, cricket, tennis, table tennis and on the odd occasion – snooker.

The children get to choose the kind of game/s that they would like to play. Sometimes this hall is divided into two halves, if there are equal amounts of children wanting to participate in different activities.

The Eating Hall
eatingThis hall is the designated eating area. It is the only room where eating is allowed. However, once the children have finished eating and the tables and chairs are put away, the vicinity then becomes the games room.

Again, the children can choose the type of game they would like to play, whether it be creating and performing a play, choreographed dancing (with the aide of the play leaders), or tic-tac-toe tag games, all of the activities are supervised and monitored by play leaders.

In addition, the children use this room to create and bake an assortment of dishes, introducing different cultured foods from children/staff and parents/carers specialties.

With the help and supervision of a play leader, the children are allowed to bake cakes, make biscuits, fruit salads, rice crispy cakes, marshmallow’s and different sweets eaten all over the world etc.