Security & parking

Access too and exit off SF premises.

The children are routinely taught not to open the blue door that gives entrance or exit off the premises, not even to their parents, so please do not encourage your child or any of the children to open the blue door for you. However Parents/carers only can help out to open the door if only you recognise another parent that attends regularly to the setting but it is best to leave the blue door to a staff member if unsure.

High Visibility Jacket

All children are issued a High Visibility Jacket, which they must wear when they are being walked to or from SF settings. We also insist that they have their jackets for outings. Not only is it for security reasons, but is part of the Personal protective Equipment at Work Regulation 1992, also known as the PPEW. So please stress the importance of these jackets to your child/ren.

SF will provide each child with a High Visibility Jacket, however, if your child misplaces or looses the jacket, the onus will be on the parent to replace it.

As usual Sticky Fingers are happy to loan one from their own supply as a cost of £1 per day, per child. You may of course purchase one at a cost of £5, please place your request directly with Michael or Darlene.
Please note: All Sticky Fingers owned jackets are individual numbered and marked.


parkingParking on the premises is limited however; there is space for about four cars. You are allowed to park on beside the hall and on the street but please be considerate of others and do not obstruct other vehicles.

Also, please spare a thought for the residents and school of Hertford Road, as many homes/school have off street parking. Please do not obstruct their driveway either.