Our staff

All members of staff are Qualified professional carers with NVQ level 2 or 3, they are also check by Ofsted for there suitability, S/F request a policed checked, and approved certificate prior before employment, this procedure is known as CRB.

Management team
Sheniz Ormandji
Serdar Ormandji

Children are so special therefore taking care of them is paramount to our service. Our aim is to provide a safe and stimulating environment for all the children in our care, so at SF these are just some of our main objectives:

  • SF team are dedicated in providing quality provisions for all the children at SF.
  • To encourage children to participate actively in activities.
  • The promotion of positive attitudes towards learning, playing and socialising.
  • The SF team work hard and play hard.
  • All staff members are encouraged to interact with the children to help them develop mentally, physically and creatively.