October Half Term 2019

Welcome ~ Parents/Carers and Children
Don’t miss out this time Virtual reality Pods are back fully immerse yourself in the fun world of fantasy! Kids loved this fun activity on site 21st – 25th October 2019. We are keeping it local for all to enjoy

News update: December Holiday 2019
Upon looking at the December holiday, the majority of the schools appear to break up on Thursday 19th December 2019, Sticky Fingers will run till Thursday 19th December 2019.
We will remain closed from Friday 20th December 2019, and will re-open again on Monday 6h January 2020.

Please make your selection from the days listed below and view the total costs tally up at the bottom of the page.

The cost per day per child is £17.50, tick each day’s check box to select that day. If you wish for your child to also attend activities, additionally tick each activity. You can not select an activity without first selecting the basic daily £17.50 costs.

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Monday 21 Oct 2019

Design your own fun tealight holders

Or swap it for any other fun making item available


Make and design your own mask


Breakfast: Cereal Porridge toast, muffins, hot and cold beverages

Afternoon Snack: Salsa with salad carrot, Cucumber Tortilla chips hot & cold drinks

Tuesday 22 Oct 2019

On site Football with a Tournament

2pm Let the fun begin


Lazer Quest or Jumping in
Trampolining Enfield


Breakfast: Fruit and yogurts raisins Cereals hot and cold beverages

Afternoon Snack: Crackers & Cheese hot and cold beverages

Wednesday 23 Oct 2019


Fully immersive Pods mobile Virtual really experience (On Site)


Kids Free choice of activities fun and games


Breakfast: Cereal, toast spaghetti hoops, tea, or juice

Afternoon Snack: Party Food please bring in a food item

Packet of biscuits/cake, Crips/drinks sweets any fun foods item that’s sealed for kids to eat

Thursday 24 Oct 2019

Cineworld Cinema PG Movie 10am

Comes with popcorn, drink & chocolate


Cooking Class 2pm

With pizza fun on site


Breakfast: Cereal, toast baked beans, Fruit, cool glass of Milk or juice

Afternoon Snack: Half Pitta Bread chicken/salad

Friday 25 Oct 2019

360 Play Stevenage

3 storey indoor Fun house, bumper cars, slides rides, fun play


Model Making with arts and craft session


Breakfast: Cereal, fruit cheese and ham toasties hot chocolate or juices

Afternoon Snack: Baked crisps and juice

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Option 1. Book now (and pay later!)

We offer various payment options when you book child's place.

Please make cheques payable to Sticky Fingers and put your child’s name on the back and explain what you are paying for.

Bank Transfers
Please use the following account to set up a bank transfer payment.
Please don’t forget to use your child’s name as the reference, so we know who has paid!
Barclay’s Bank
Sort Code: 20-29-77
Account Number: 63498530

Direct Debits
Please ask management for a direct debit form and return it to Sticky Fingers to be processed. Details needed bankers name i.e. Barclays or Nat west, account number and sort code is required along with the agreed amount spread out over a monthly basis paying 1 month in advance, and a signature to authorise to the agreement.

Card Machine
Instant payment by card is also available either on site or over the phone by calling 07732 385 075 or 07863 354 829. Working hours mon-fri only please!

Child Care vouchers
We accept payment through Edenred (formerly knows as Accor)
Account number: P20169295

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