After-school club

For the children who attend the SF club after school, a snack and drink is provided free of charge for them.

readingThis can be any thing from, beans/spaghetti on toast, hot dogs, pasta-bakes, and noodle’s, to pancakes, soup with bread/butter and

A menu is displayed weekly on the Parent’s Notice Board, enabling you know what your child/ren will be eating.

The after-school club has no hidden charges, the fee is £12.00 per day, or if your child attends the whole 5 days then there is a £10 discount which makes the weekly payment amount to £50.00. This should be paid at the beginning of the week. Please note for new parents booking for the first time there is a one off £15 membership fee.

After-school club is open from 3.00pm to 6.00pm

We accept the following types of payments

Bank Transfers
Please use the following account to set up a bank transfer payment.
Please don’t forget to use your child’s name as the reference, so we know who has paid!
Lloyds Bank
Sort Code: 30-96-26
Account Number: 54853060

Direct Debits
Please ask management for a direct debit form and return it to Sticky Fingers to be processed. Details needed bankers name i.e. Barclays or Natwest, account number and sort code is required along with the agreed amount spread out over a monthly basis paying 1 month in advance, and a signature to authorise to the agreement.

Card Machine
Instant payment by card is also available either on site or over the phone by calling 07732 385 075 or 07863 354 829. Working hours Mon-Fri only please!

Child Care vouchers
We accept payment through Edenred (formerly knows as Accor)
Account number: P20169295

Alternatively you can pay for your child/children's clubs online via
If you would like to do so, please provide your name, email address and the child you would like to pay for below:

Ok, great. We have created a button with your details below. You will need to enter your desired amount on the next page: